a film by Joan Manuel Urquiaga Valdes

Since early 2011, this no-budget film has been a pet project of mine. Based around the concept of Retrofuturism, the film was to revolve
around a lonely tour ship captain headed for a space habitat in orbit around a unknown planet. Old classics such as Tarkovskys Solaris and
Kubricks 2001 were very influential in choice of style for the film.

Screenshot from För långt ut.

I approached Den Stora Vilan for a collaboration in late 2011. The idea was to have their progressive sound be a
complement to the retrofuturistic style of the film. They had started recording their sophomore studio album and had some tracks
ready during pre-production. The song “För Långt Ut” was chosen for its lyrics being close to the films subject matter.

The film was shot in February 2012 and took only two days. One day in the studio for all the green screen and interior shots
and one on location shoot.

Most of the film was actually shot through a classic Vistascope anamorphic lens mounted on the lenses. This gave the otherwise
familiar DSLR footage a genuine vintage look.

The Vistascope

Visual effects
Post production and VFX started immediately after the shoot. The bigger part of the VFX work was done by myself and me having a day job
meant doing this during nights and weekends. A lot of old tricks were used such as matte paintings and fish lines. This to avoid using
too much 3D where we could and get a more vintage feel to the effects.

VFX and grading was completed in June 2012, 145 days after the start of production.

//Joan Manuel Urquiaga Valdes (Director of “För långt ut”, VFX artist and Creative at Bobby)